How do I get a new Qualtrics account or password?

The login details for Qualtrics are completely separate from all other university systems, to obtain a SCU Qualtrics account or change password for please follow the below steps.

Create new Qualtrics account

Step 1: Open the Qualtrics login page:

Step 2: To create a new account click on the link "Don't have an account?"

Step 3: Enter your SCU email address and if you have been provided with an access code enter here (if you don't have a code, just leave this field blank). Click "Sign Me Up"

Step 4: Your account has now been created and now needs to be verified.

Step 5: To verify your new Qualtrics account, please log into your SCU email address. Open the Qualtrics verification email and click the "Verify my email" button. 

Please note: it may take up to 15 minutes or more for the Qualtrics email to arrive.

Step 6: Your account is now activated and ready to be used

Forgot Qualtrics password

Step 1:  Open the Qualtrics login page:

Step 2:  Below the password field will be a "Forgot your password?" link, please click it.

Step 3:  Enter your SCU email address into the username field.

Step 4:  A reset password link will then be emailed to that email account.

Further assistance with Qualtrics can be found